Running Club

Virtual Running Club 2020-2021

This extracurricular program encourages students to be physically active at home while providing incentives to continue on a path toward health and fitness. Please see the documentation below for details about this amazing program. IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot access Running Club files with a student lvjusd email address. Parents must use their own personal email address to access the files to print them out. You can also click and save the pictures of the docs below to print out as well.

April's Special Charm Challenge!

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather and actively play outside for 20 minutes straight to earn this month's charm. Fly a kite! Play at the playground! Run in the field! Play a sport! Enjoy a hike! The idea is to just get outside and get moving to earn a Bright Kite Charm!

Hey Runners!

Don't forget to submit your Running Club minutes by the last day of each month!

Questions, comments or concerns?

Email our amazing Running Club chair Brittany Graff (