2020 - 2021 Yearbook Distribution!


Thank you so much to the ACE families that purchased a 2020-2021 ACE Yearbook. As yearbook distribution nears, we would like to provide you with the following important information:

Yearbooks will be distributed to students by their teachers. We recommend that parents advise their student to bring their yearbook home before they write in it. Check the yearbook carefully for any flaws such as blank pages, upside down pages, missing pages, or printing smears. If you discover any flaws in your yearbook, before the end of the school year, please email us at and bring your yearbook to the office. Please note: you must advise the yearbook committee and bring the book to the office before the end of the year. After school has ended for the year, unfortunately there is nothing that we are able to do regarding these issues.

If you believe that you ordered a yearbook, but your student did not bring a yearbook home on distribution day, please complete the following steps:

  1. Check online to confirm that you ordered a yearbook. You can check your order at Select “Get details of your previous order”. Enter your email address and you will get a complete history of orders. Print your order receipt.

  2. Check with your student’s teacher to determine if they have your student’s yearbook. PLEASE NOTE: Yearbooks will be held by teachers if students have outstanding library books or school materials until the books/materials are returned or fines are paid.

  3. If you are still not able to locate your student’s yearbook, please provide a PDF of your yearbook receipt via email to We will do our best to quickly resolve the issue for you.


  • If you ordered a personalized yearbook cover however your student did not take a school picture and you did not submit a school picture of your student – you will be issued a yearbook with a standard cover. Any charges that were incurred for a personalized cover have been refunded to you by Lifetouch.

  • If you completed and submitted the school form to not have your student’s name and/or picture included in the yearbook, your student’s name and/or picture will not have been included in the yearbook.

We hope that you and your student will love your yearbook and treasure it as a memory of a historical year. We respectfully ask that you keep in mind that we are not professional publishers or authors – we are a small group of parents who volunteer our time to create the school yearbook. Although we have spent many hours carefully proofreading each page and doing our best to make sure that every student is represented – there will be mistakes. Mistakes are never intentional, and we sincerely apologize for any that occur. Should you have any complaints about the book or recommendations for next year, please feel free to put them in writing, suggest a resolution to the problem and email us at

Not sure if you've ordered? No worries!

At any time, ACE families can check to see if they've purchased a yearbook by going to and selecting "Get Details of Your Previous Order". Enter your email address, and you will get a complete history of your orders related to that email address emailed to you!

Questions? Please contact our fabulous Yearbook Coordinator, Amy Frazzitta at